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What is a Lowboy Trailer, Uses, Overview, Types?

When considering different heavy transportation options, it’s vital to understand what separates them. While they all serve a common function, it’s not a one-size-fits-all operation. For example, a specific trailer you’ve probably come across, the lowboy trailer, also has distinct functions and uses. For the sake of making informed decisions regarding these trailers, it’s important you learn about them first.

That’s why, in this article, we’ll give you a full overview of a lowboy trailer, including its types and uses.

What is a Lowboy Trailer?

A lowboy trailer, or a low-bed, is a type of flatbed trailer with two drops in deck height. One drop is right after the gooseneck, and one is right before the wheels. It’s mainly designed to assist in quick and easy transportation of tall and heavy equipment that usually exceeds the size of standard trailers. The dropped deck means the trailer is positioned lower and closer to the ground, allowing for safer transport of heavy machinery.

The efficiency of the transport also depends on the dimensions and weight capacity of the trailer. So, a typical 2-axle lowboy has the capacity to transport 40,000 lbs. But if you’re aiming for something higher than that, you can add more axles and double the weight capacity .

Different Types of Lowboy Trailers

Although the above-given information contains some basic details and requirements of lowboy trailers, they are not limited to a single design. Depending on your shipping needs, there are various types for you to consider:

Fixed Neck Lowboy

A fixed-neck lowboy trailer has a permanently attached neck that can’t be adjusted or detached. This design results in a lightweight trailer, which can be ideal for transporting much heavier loads. You’ll be able to transport your equipment without exceeding the weight restrictions, securing a safe and smooth passage on roads.

However, a non-detachable neck makes loading and unloading the shipment much more challenging. With a fixed-neck trailer, you can’t adjust the neck to create a lower angle or align the deck with the load. Oftentimes, you’ll need ramps or other equipment to prop up the trailer shipment.

Fixed Gooseneck Lowboy

This lowboy trailer also features a fixed neck. The difference is that this one is actually forward-extending, almost resembling a gooseneck. The added extension is arched so that when lowered, it transforms into a ramp. This allows the front tires of the equipment to be set and pulled easily onto the deck.

Furthermore, despite its name, fixed gooseneck trailers are actually somewhat adjustable. Once it’s reattached, the trailer will remain in position throughout transportation.

Removable Gooseneck Lowboy

The removable gooseneck lowboy trailers are mainly used for transporting heavy motorized machinery. Its removable neck allows for easy loading and unloading, either by driving, pushing, pulling, or using the gooseneck as a ramp. You could also load your shipment from above using a crane or any other lifting equipment since these trailers make it easy to accomplish.

Furthermore, this trailer’s detachable gooseneck can be hydraulic or mechanical. Most prefer the hydraulic option since it allows for easier detachment and height adjustment for the trailer. However, hydraulic detachable trailers require more specialized maintenance due to their hydraulic systems.

Common Uses of Lowboy Trailers

Due to their design and versatility, these trailers are needed in various industries. Here are some common ones explained:

  • Heavy Equipment Transport: Lowboy trailers are needed to carry heavy equipment for safe and stable transport. This includes big construction equipment like bulldozers, excavators, and cranes.
  • Oversized Loads: Lowboy trailers are used for transporting oversized loads that are far too tall for standard trucks. The trailer’s low deck height accommodates such tall loads, guaranteeing secure and legal transportation.
  • Agricultural Machinery: These trailers are also commonly used to transport agricultural machinery. This typically involves farming vehicles like tractors and combines.


Lowboy trailers are an essential tool across industries for their ability to transport heavy loads. Their low deck height is especially ideal for carrying tall equipment that standard trucks can’t accommodate. Whether you work in construction or agriculture, these trailers are a primary solution to your heavy transportation needs.

So, if you’re looking to upgrade your heavy equipment transport with reliable lowboy trailers, contact us at Solid Hook. You can count on our team to transport your heavy equipment safely and smoothly.