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Machinery Moving and Heavy Equipment Rentals

We’re leaders in moving heavy equipment, our company based in the Greater Toronto Area and serving both this region and beyond with safety, precision, and reliability in every service we offer. Our skilled team, including experienced electricians, plumbers, millwrights, and drivers, is dedicated to ensuring your industrial moves are hassle-free, supporting sectors such as construction, farming, and material handling. Alongside our moving services, we also provide heavy equipment rental options, like forklifts and scissor lifts, to ensure you’re equipped for any project.

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Heavy Equipment Transportation Solutions

Learn Who We Are and Why We Excel

Machinery Moving

Let Solid Hook handle your heavy machinery moving & rigging challenges. We handle everything from plant relocations, Machinery Setup to machinery removal with ease.

  • High-tech equipment
  • Safety-first approach
  • Reliability and precision

Tilt & Load Service

Explore the versatility of Solid Hook’s tilt & load and roll off truck services, designed to transport a wide range of heavy equipment and materials securely & efficiently.

  • Easy loading and unloading
  • Versatile
  • Minimized risk of damage

Float Service

Our float trailer options allow you to safely transport heavy equipment and oversized machinery across the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario hassle free.

  • Specialized fleet
  • Oversized load support
  • Wide range compatibility

Reliable Equipment Rentals

Providing top-tier equipment rental solutions, including forklifts, scissor lifts, and more, to streamline your project needs.

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Forklift rental in Toronto: Check out our extensive forklift fleet

Are you in Toronto and looking to rent a forklift? Solid Hook’s large fleet includes electric, propane, and LPG forklifts. Check out our options and find the perfect forklift for your project.

scissors lift rental service toronto

Scissor lift rental in Toronto: Reach new heights for your projects

Safely and efficiently access high places with our scissor lift rentals. We have electric and diesel-powered scissor lifts that reach up to 60 feet, allowing you to handle tasks at height.

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Why Choose Solid Hook Inc.?

With Solid Hook by your side, you can start your next project with confidence. Our heavy haul experts can provide you with the necessary support to make your machinery as straightforward as possible. 

If you require specialized equipment like forklifts or scissor lifts in the Greater Toronto Area, our easy-to-use online booking system makes renting heavy equipment a breeze. Contact us today to discover how Solid Hook can assist with your project.

Partnering with us means engaging with a team committed to delivering your projects on time and within budget, simplified further by our easy-to-use online booking system. Experience the assurance and peace of mind that comes with having your heavy equipment needs expertly managed by us, in the GTA and beyond.

How Much We Cover

Our Coverage

Our services extend across the areas highlighted on the map, ensuring reliable transportation for your equipment and flatbed needs. Need us to go beyond? We’re here to accommodate your special requests, going the extra mile to deliver exceptional service. Your projects, our commitment.

Let’s chart the course together.

Need To Move Or Rent Heavy Equipment?

We are Leaders in Machinery Moving and Heavy Equipment Rentals. Contact us today to get started with your machinery moving or heavy equipment rental needs.