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About Solid Hook

About Solid Hook Inc.


Moving heavy equipment made simple

Need to move or rent heavy equipment? Solid Hook is your answer. We know how various industries work, making sure your job is done right.

Why us? Because we tackle even the hard moves with ease, staying on budget and on time. Trust Solid Hook to make your move.

Making every move a success

Count on us for easy heavy equipment moves in the Greater Toronto Area. We use professional tools and our know-how to exceed your expectations. We aim to give you a smooth moving experience, from start to finish.


We stand for safety, reliability, and professionalism

Don’t move, We’ll Handle Everything

Solid Hook puts your safety and satisfaction first. We’re all about keeping things safe, reliable, and professional.

Safety is key. We take great care to ensure everyone stays safe, sticking to strict safety guidelines for every project.

You can rely on us. We deliver heavy equipment on time and make sure our services are top-notch.

Our team is professional, aiming for excellence in everything we do. We believe in being honest and open, ensuring you always know what’s happening.

At Solid Hook, we listen to you. We adjust our services to fit your project properly so you get exactly what you need.

These principles are what Solid Hook is built on. They guide us in everything we do and shape a culture of success.

Everything you need, all in one place

We offer you a complete range of services. We’ve got your project covered, from moving your heavy equipment to offering a variety of rental options. Our services are reliable and efficient, making your projects run smoothly.

✓ Easy online booking: Quickly book what you need online.

✓ Save money, keep quality: Our services are affordable without compromising on quality.

✓ Variety of options: Whether it’s a simple move or complex needs, our diverse fleet is ready for you.
✓ Expert advice: Our broad expertise means we can steer your project right.

✓ We handle the details: We do the tough jobs, letting you focus on your other work.

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Why Choose Solid Hook?

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Let’s drive your projects to success

Take the first step towards transforming your industrial challenges into successes. See the difference Solid Hook can make with our professional heavy equipment moving and rental services. Get in touch with us now to start the conversation and find out how we can support your project.

Do you need to move or rent heavy equipment?