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Professional Heavy Haul Services for Oversized Equipment


Looking for a forklift rental in Toronto? You’re in luck! We know Toronto inside and out, which means we can match you with the perfect forklift for your job. Our team understands the unique needs of all kinds of businesses, making sure you get the best shipping service.

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Why Heavy Hauling Matters

Heavy hauling lets businesses move big items that don’t fit on standard vehicles. This includes things like bulldozers, haul trucks, farm equipment, and even parts of wind turbines. Our expertise in heavy hauling means we can transport nearly any large item to where it needs to be.

Competitive Pricing

We Affordably Ship Oversized Equipment

We move large cargo in a way that saves you money. Our heavy haul service is budget-friendly, but we still make sure everything is top quality and safe. We use the latest tech to plan the best routes, making trips shorter, using less gas, and keeping everything running smoothly. This way, you save money but still get great load service.

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Heavy Haul Pioneer

What Sets Solid Hook Apart as a Heavy Hauler?

We have special trucks and gear just for moving oversized cargo safely. Our team includes experts who know all about heavy hauling and have done it for years. They’re great at planning the best way to get your items from point A to point B without any problems. Plus, we’ve got a long list of successful moves that show we can handle just about anything you need to be moved.

Experience Matters

How We Tackle Heavy Hauling Challenges

Heavy hauling can be tricky. You need to make sure everything is safe and figure out how to get through busy places without a problem. At Solid Hook, we tackle these problems head-on. We plan carefully to avoid any trouble spots on the road, and we use special equipment to keep your cargo safe. Our team is trained to handle any situation, ensuring your oversized load gets where it’s going, safe and sound.

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Solid Hook is Your Heavy Haul trucking Solution

Need to ship oversized equipment? Solid Hook is here to help! Contact us  tischedule your heavy haul service. We’re ready to make your big move easy and safe. Book online or give us a call.

Frequently Asked Questions

Heavy haul transportation refers to moving large-scale or overweight loads that surpass the restriction of standard freight services. This type of transportation often includes careful planning, like checking out the route ahead of time and getting the right permits.

Yes, we offer extensive support with obtaining permits and navigating regulatory requirements for heavy-haul transportation. We take pride in handling all aspects of permit acquisition, including route planning, load analysis, and communication with regulatory authorities, so your transportation is both smooth and compliant.

Additionally, our experienced team knows the ins and outs of the permitting process and understands the regulatory requirements for transporting oversized loads.

Certainly, our heavy haul service can be customized to meet the specific project requirements of our clients. At Solid Hook Inc., we understand that each transportation project is unique, so we design our services accordingly to meet your unique project needs.

With us, you can expect specialized equipment, route planning, and additional support services that suit your project needs. Our ultimate goal is to provide flexible and reliable transportation solutions that don’t just meet but also exceed our client’s expectations and satisfaction levels.

Yes, we provide insurance coverage for equipment during transportation with our heavy haul service. We’ve joined hands with reputable insurance providers to ensure that your equipment is sufficiently taken care of throughout the process. Our insurance policies are made to offer protection for your valuable assets, including coverage for damages or losses that may occur during the transportation process.

Different industries rely on heavy haul transportation for their machinery and equipment needs, such as:

  • Mining Industry:Transporting large mining equipment, such as excavators, haul trucks, and crushers.
  • Oil and gas Industry:Moving drilling rigs, pipelines, and other equipment for energy exploration and production.
  • Infrastructure Industry: Transporting bridge beams, wind turbine components, and other large infrastructure materials.
  • Manufacturing Industry: Shipping large-scale machinery and components for manufacturing plants.
  • Construction Industry: Conveying heavy machinery, cranes, and construction materials to worksites.

To make sure you get an available spot and everything goes well for your transportation projects, we recommend booking our heavy haul services in advance. Contact us in the early stages of the project planning process to discuss your needs and secure your spot in our schedule. The lead time can change depending on things like how large the equipment is, the distance you’ll cover, and any permits needed.

Coupled with our comprehensive heavy haul services, we’ve got a bunch of extra support services to make sure all your transportation needs are met entirely. Some of the additional services we offer include:

  • Expert equipment rigging and securement
  • Insurance coverage options for relocated machinery
  • Support acquisition of required permits and regulatory compliance
  • Guard vehicle services for oversized loads
  • Strategic route planning and coordination
  • Loading and unloading support