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Heavy Haul Trucking Experts:
Your Freight, Our Responsibility

Welcome to Solid Hook, the trusted partner for Heavy Haul Transport Solutions. We are the go to carrier for heavy haul jobs in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario and beyond.

Whether you need to transport construction equipment,shipping containers, farm machinery or any other type of oversize load we have the expertise and resources to handle it.

Heavy Haul Trucking, heavy hauling


We Are Committed to helping our partners Overcome Heavy Haul Transportation Challenges

At Solid Hook we understand the challenges involved in heavy hauling. In addition to offering a variety of options to meet requirements for transportation and material handling needs across Ontario and Canada We specialize in haul transport.

With our team of experts and specialized equipment fleet we have successfully completed projects and built a strong reputation for excellence, in the heavy haul industry.

So what exactly is heavy haul trucking and what are its advantages?

Heavy haul trucking refers to transporting overweight and oversized load that require special trailers and expertise. These loads can include heavy equipment, shipping containers, farm machinery as various large and heavy items.

The advantages of utilizing services for heavy haul shipments are plentiful. Our most specialized trailers that are designed specifically for heavy load ensuring the secure transportation. We have a range of trailers, such, as lowboy, flatbeds float and extendable trailers to cater to sizes and weights of payload.

One advantage of using our heavy haul freight services is the expertise and experience of our team who handle the transportation. Our skilled drivers and riggers are well aware of the challenges that come with hauling loads. They excel in planning routes obtaining permits and adhering to safety regulations. Their knowledge ensures that the load reaches its destination safely and punctually.

In addition to expertise our heavy haul freight services offer flexibility in transportation solutions. With a variety of trailers and equipment, at our disposal we can accommodate load sizes, weights and dimensions. This adaptability allows us to transport a range of equipment and materials while meeting our clients specific requirements.

Moreover relying on our heavy haul services can be a cost choice compared to transportation methods. By utilizing trucks and equipment we can optimize load capacity while reducing the number of trips needed. This helps minimize fuel costs and driver hours ultimately saving money for our clients.

What kinds of Loads are appropriate, for heavy hauling ?

Heavy haul transportation is specifically designed to accommodate cargo that surpasses the weight and size limitations of trailers and trucks. This specialized service is well suited for transporting a range of oversized cargo, which includes.

Construction Equipment

Heavy haul trucking services are commonly utilized for transporting construction machinery like excavators, bulldozers, cranes and loaders. These large and hefty pieces of equipment trucks and rigging techniques to ensure safe and efficient shipping.

Wind Turbine Components

Due to their size and weight the shipment of wind turbine components poses a challenge. Heavy haul services play a role, in moving wind turbine blades, towers and nacelles to wind farm sites thereby facilitating the operation of renewable energy projects.

Oversized and Overweight Loads

Any shipment that exceeds the weight and size restrictions imposed on vehicles falls under the category of oversized and overweight freight. This can include prefabricated buildings, generators, transformers or other large equipment.


Shipping Containers

Heavy haul services are frequently employed in the transportation of shipping containers particularly when they need to be transported to remote or challenging places.

These containers can be loaded onto trucks. Safely transported to their intended destination.

Farm Equipment

When it comes to transporting machinery, like tractors, combines and harvesters heavy haul services are the way to go. These machines are often large and heavy so they require equipment to ensure a move.

Industrial Machinery

Solid Hook is your trusted partner for heavy haul transportation of heavy assets such as manufacturing equipment, processing plants and components of production lines. With our team of professionals and extensive expertise in the field we guarantee transportation of these resources.


Our primary goal is to provide our client companies with peace of mind while minimizing any disruptions to their operations.

It's worth noting that heavy haul trucking is not limited to just these types of shipments. Our experienced team and specialized machinery can handle a range of oversized loads offering reliable and efficient transportation solutions for all your needs.

Why Choose Hook, for Heavy Haul Transport Services?


Specialized Equipment

Transporting heavy shipments requires specialized equipment that can handle the weight, size and dimensions of heavy machinery and materials. At Solid Hook we have invested in a cutting edge fleet of trucks and specialized vehicles specifically designed for heavy haulage. Our equipment undergoes maintenance and inspections to ensure performance and safety.


Experienced Team

Our team of professionals is highly trained and experienced in handling heavy haul projects. We closely collaborate with our clients to understand their requirements and develop tailored service solutions, from project planning, to execution. Our experts possess knowledge of industry regulations, permits and route planning ensuring the punctual delivery of your heavy machinery.


Successful Projects

Throughout the years we have successfully completed heavy haul projects for industries. Whether it involves transporting construction equipment for infrastructure endeavors or shipping containers for trade we possess the expertise and resources to fulfill your heavy haulage needs. Our track record of service speaks volumes about our dedication to delivering shipment solutions.


Reliability in Heavy Haulage

Reliability is an aspect of our heavy haulage services. We understand the importance of delivery, for our clients satisfaction and work diligently to meet their deadlines. Our team is 24/7 to monitor shipments closely and provide real time updates to our valued clients for reliable service. With our state of the art vehicle tracking systems, our clients can have peace of mind knowing the whereabouts of their haul loads at all times.


Cost Effective Solutions, for transporting heavy haul loads

We offer cost shipping solutions that prioritize both quality and safety. By leveraging technology and optimizing routes we can reduce travel distances enhance supply chain efficiency and minimize fuel consumption. Ultimately saving you money.


Safety First:

Safety is a priority, for us. We are fully aware of and compliant with all the safety standards and regulations in our industry. This means that you can concentrate on your operations while we take care of all the heavy hauling safely.

Challenges and Solutions in handling overweight freight

Transporting loads presents its own unique set of challenges. The sheer size, weight and dimensions of machinery often make it challenging to navigate roads, bridges and other infrastructure. It requires planning, strategic route selection well as securing the necessary permissions and clearances. At Solid Hook we fully understand these challenges. Have developed solutions to ensure smooth and safe transportation of heavy hauls within Canada.

One major challenge in heavy haul trucking is ensuring the safety not of the equipment itself but other road users. Our team of experts conducts safety assessments while developing plans to mitigate risks. We employ safety measures such, as escort vehicles, pilot cars well as specialized rigging techniques to ensure the secure transfer of oversized loads.

Dealing with permits, for load shipments can be quite a challenge. Luckily we have a team that takes care of all the paperwork and ensures compliance with local and international regulations. This allows our clients to avoid the hassle and focus on what matters, their core business.

Another obstacle we often face is navigating through congested areas or remote locations. However our team is well equipped with technology and expertise in route optimization. By finding the paths for heavy hauling we manage to steer clear of delays and keep costs at a minimum for our valued clients.

Solid Hook has become synonymous with reliability when it comes to haul services. Our specialized machinery, experienced team and track record of success have firmly established us as leaders in the industry.

Let us be your trusted partner, in delivering excellence when it comes to heavy haul trucking services.

We extend an invitation for you to explore our range of services and get in touch with us for an estimate regarding all your heavy haul trucking needs in Ontario, Canada.

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