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Tips for Hiring Heavy Haul Trucking Company in Canada

It’s natural to feel confused when hiring a heavy-haul trucking company, especially with no prior experience. Given the logistic complexities and regulatory requirements of handling large indivisible machinery, you need a highly proficient company to get through the heavy-haul shipping process.

If you’re here, chances are you’re looking for smart tips for hiring heavy haul trucking company that securely transports your heavy equipment. This article will explore it all to help you choose the best heavy-haul trucking company.

Tips for Hiring Heavy Haul Trucking Company

Whether you’re moving bulldozers, haul trucks, farm equipment, excavators, or mining machines, choosing the best heavy haul trucking must be the top priority. While the choice may seem daunting at first, the right tips make it simpler than ever.

Here’s a rundown of the key tips for hiring heavy haul trucking company:

Expertise and Experience 

One of the key factors when selecting a company for hauling heavy equipment is its expertise and experience in hauling shipments. If the trucking company you’re eyeing has limited experience in heavy-haul trucking or little industry knowledge, would you be willing to trust them with your expensive equipment? Most certainly, no!

Plus, given the tricky nature of heavy hauling, it’s essential to avoid any trouble spots on the road to get through busy places without affecting your cargo. Only an experienced company has sufficient knowledge and expertise to help haul your equipment safely and soundly. So, don’t forget to check their field experience before choosing a trucking company.

Type of Cargo Carrier

When it comes to transporting heavy loads, you simply can’t ignore the type of cargo career you choose for the shipment. Without the proper equipment and tools, successfully hauling oversized cargo is next to impossible. So, check for various types of cargo carriers available, such as step decks, extendable flatbeds, dry vans, flatbeds, or large trailers with up to 20 axles.

While these carriers may match your equipment’s needs, it’s wise to consult with your chosen provider to assign you the right cargo carrier.

Trip Planning & Scheduling 

Moving large-scale or overweight loads often requires careful planning, including checking out the route beforehand and getting the right permits. Plus, well-planned trucking ensures timely delivery and smooth transport of your load. The better your trip is planned, the more successful the shipment process.

Opt for a company that uses the latest technology to monitor traffic updates, such as construction projects, weather hazards, or any possible dangers on your route. This helps you plan the best routes, make trips shorter, and use less fuel.

Safety Practices 

When it comes to heavy-haul trucking, your safety must be the top priority for the trucking company. It’s best to ask the moving company about the safety measures and protocols they follow beforehand. This is especially important given the high value of the equipment you’re trusting them with.

Above all, check whether the trucking company you’re eyeing is properly insured to cover any unforeseen accidents. What’s more, their employees must be fully equipped with the proper lifting and relocating techniques to maintain a safe working environment.

Safety Marking Needs 

Let’s face it, transporting oversized loads poses some serious safety concerns for both commuters and drivers. To minimize the risks of accidents, heavy haul trucking loads must stick to specific operational procedures and abide by safety standards.

To signal and alert other drivers and road users, make sure the logistics company uses special markings appropriate for oversized hauling. For instance, it’s best to see if the company uses a distinctive marker, such as a large banner with a yellow and reflective background visible to other drivers, to ensure safety.

Regulatory Knowledge 

Today, the state and local government agencies have become more strict about oversized loads. Since heavy-haul companies are heavily regulated, make sure the company you opt for is proficient in all regulatory aspects of heavy-haul trucking.

Pro tip: Choose a trucking company that assists with obtaining permits and navigating regulatory requirements so that your shipment is smooth and compliant.



Now that you know the most efficient tips for hiring heavy haul trucking company, it’s time to take the next step and choose your company. By considering the discussion above, it’s entirely possible to get your oversized cargo across without any damage.

So, if you’re looking for a reliable heavy-haul trucking company, Solid Hook has you covered with years of experience in the field! So, connect with us today to haul your heavy loads safely and reliably!