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Trusted Machinery Movers for All Your Heavy Lifting Needs

Solid Hook can help you move heavy machinery in Southern Ontario and beyond. We are experts in moving big machines safely and efficiently. Our team knows how to handle all types of equipment, from CNC machines to industrial sanders and woodworking machines. Our machinery movers are ready to take on any job, big or small, ensuring everything goes smoothly from start to finish. You can count on us to move your heavy equipment safely and on time.

Machinery movers

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Solid Hook’s Machinery Moving Services

Moving machinery is a big job. First, we make a plan to move your items safely. Next, we carefully load your cargo and take it to its destination.

Our equipment riggers handle every piece with care. They use special tools and skills to ensure heavy items are moved properly. Safety is their focus.

We also can set up your equipment. Our industrial millwright services include machinery assembly. We’ll make sure it works correctly.

Need to move your entire plant? We do plant relocation, too.

If it’s time to get rid of old machinery, we can help. We offer professional machinery removal millwright services. Whether you need help moving machinery, setting it up, relocating your plant, or taking out old equipment, we’re ready to make things easy.

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Frequently Asked Questions about machinery moving

At Solid Hook Inc., we specialize in moving different types of industrial machinery, including but not limited to:

  • Packaging equipment
  • Injection molding machines
  • Lathes and milling machines
  • Industrial robots
  • Precision Machining Tools
  • CNC Machinery
  • Printing presses
  • Pressing and stamping machinery
  • Heavy-duty manufacturing equipment

Our team has years of experience handling different types of machinery, which ensures efficient relocation of our clients across various industries.

Yes, we offer highly specialized rigging services as a part of our offerings. Some of these services include:

  • Relocation of the plant
  • Dismantling and proper assembly of machinery
  • Machinery alignment and leveling services
  • Heavy lifting and hoisting solutions
  • Machinery dismantling and removal

At Solid Hook Inc., we have the right equipment, skilled workers, and tested methodologies to tackle rigging jobs, no matter the complexities involved. This way, our clients can rest assured that we’ll handle smooth operations and get the job done right.

Yes, at Solid Hook Inc., our movers attend extensive training programs and certifications to handle heavy machinery proficiently while ensuring safety of everyone involved. Fundamentally, our team members receive training for the following operations:

  • Millwrighting
  • Risk identification and mitigation
  • Best practices in the industry
  • Equipment operation and safety guidelines
  • Proper lifting techniques

On top of this, we make sure our team stays up-to-date by investing in continuous training and professional growth so they remain well-equipped with the latest methods of moving machinery. This way, we get you the right machine handling techniques while remaining compliant with the industry standards.

At Solid Hook Inc., we determine the cost of moving machinery based on several factors, including:

  • Distance to be travelled
  • Machinery type and dimensions
  • Specialized equipment and skilled power requirements
  • Available insurance coverage options
  • Complexity of the move (e.g., disassembly/reassembly)

To give you the best idea of costs, we usually carry out an on-site evaluation of both the machinery and its surroundings. This helps us customize our services to fit exactly what you need and maintain transparency in pricing to better serve our customers.


Yes, at Solid Hook Inc., we bring years of experience handling international machinery relocations to the table. Our trained professionals are highly proficient in international shipping regulations inside out, so you can trust us with smooth transit from start to finish.

Moreover, with our strong and trusted network of partners and logistics providers from around the globe, we promise smooth transportation and customs clearance processes for our clients, even across borders.

Yes, at Solid Hook Inc., we specialize in offering top-notch disassembly and reassembly services for hard-to-handle machinery as a part of our full-package deal. We follow careful procedures and utilize precision tools to guarantee proper handling, minimize downtime, and enhance efficiency.

Whether it’s one machine or a whole production line, you can count on us to handle it with skill and care. Our expert technicians are well-trained and equipped with the right knowledge to safely dismantle, move, and reassemble machinery of all shapes and sizes. So, you no longer have to worry about your equipment dimensions and type or complexity of the project.