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How Much is Scissor Lift Rental?

Scissor lifts are the best alternatives to traditional ladders, elevating workers and their tools to over 60 feet in the air. Whether you need to tackle construction projects, ceiling work, sign hanging, or other industrial applications, scissor lifts have your back.

However, the upfront costs related to these lifts might be too high, especially if you need temporary access to elevated areas. This is where scissor lift rentals step in as the most feasible option. But how much is scissor lift rental? Let’s find out!

How Much is Scissor Lift Rental?

Scissor lift rental prices differ greatly, ranging from $125 to $200 per day, going up to $3000 per month. However, when determining “how much is scissor lift rental?” several factors like rental duration, lift height, types of scissor lift, and taxes come into play.

Without doing thorough research beforehand, it’s next to impossible to answer “how much is scissors lift rental” accurately. The good news is that you’ve got a nearly precise idea of factors that influence the costs of scissor lift rentals. So, let’s elaborate on them.

Rental Duration 

One of the principal factors that influence the renting cost of scissor lifts is the duration of the rental period. The overall cost you pay depends on the timeline you choose for renting the scissor lift. Typically, rental costs are determined on a per-day, per-week, or per-month basis, so the length of your contract will naturally influence your overall cost.

For instance, the daily rental cost of a scissor lift is around $150. However, the weekly cost with the same load capacity and height can be around $500.

Oftentimes, rental companies offer you greater discounts for longer rental periods. For instance, renting a scissor lift for a month offers the best value compared to daily or weekly rentals. So, it’s best to coordinate with the rental company’s team to decide on the cost that offers the best return on your investment.

Lift Height and Capacity

When renting a scissor lift, it’s important to figure out two things beforehand: the platform height and the working height. The former indicates how high the platform extends, while the latter refers to the maximum height you can reach while standing on the aerial work platform.

Whether the higher lift is more viable depends on your specific needs. Nonetheless, the higher capacity lift allows room for an additional person or more materials, which could save you time and reduce the number of rental days.

A 28-foot scissor lift with 850 lb load capacity costs around 100 dollars daily. While keeping everything else constant, a 1500 lb load capacity scissor lift will be around 150 dollars per day.

Type of Scissor Lift 

Like Forklifts, different types of scissors lifts are also designed to serve different purposes. The two basic types of scissor lifts include rough-terrain scissor lifts and electric scissor lifts. The cost also largely depends on the type of scissor lift you opt for.

When choosing to rent a scissor lift, consider the terrain and location of your job site before selecting a type. For instance, for sloped or uneven surfaces, you’ll need a specialized scissor lift particularly designed for rough terrain. Electric scissor lifts, on the other hand, are a popular choice for indoor jobs where noise and emissions are a concern.

However, each lift has specific hazard warnings that need to be complied with in order to avoid accidents and fatalities.

Geographic Location 

The cost of renting scissor lifts varies significantly depending on the location within your country. For instance, the pricing of scissor lift rental may differ between Alberta and other provinces in Canada. Prices depend on factors such as the specific province or territory, the city or region, and local market conditions.

One pro tip is to obtain multiple scissor lift rental quotes from rental companies in your area. However, don’t forget to evaluate the rental company’s reputation and the quality of their scissor lifts before making a decision.


Besides the rental fee, you also need to pay for delivery and pickup, depending on the distance from the delivery point and whether the machine needs special handling. Additionally, local and state taxes apply, and it’s equally important to have sufficient insurance coverage. Alternatively, you can get a rental protection plan for accidental damage coverage.

Bottom Line 

All in all, scissor lift rentals streamline industrial operations, letting you handle different projects at heights. By closely evaluating the factors discussed above, you can answer “How much is scissor lift rental” yourself, or even decide the answer to your preference.

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